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Web Reflections knows that to build a great Web site, you need great ideas, and proper Web site design practices to implement these ideas. Below are several Web site content ideas to help you brainstorm on how to make your Web site the best that it can be, for you, and your Web site visitors. Then, following these ideas are Web site design practices that should be utilized when constructing your Web site.

Web Site Content Ideas

Company Information
Provide information on your hours of operation, location, and phone number.
Display an area map which locates your establishment.
Display photos of your establishment.
Describe who you are. Give a brief history of your company.
Publish genuine glowing references and reviews of your business products or services.
List your qualifications.

Products and Services
List the services and products you provide.
Display photos of your products, homes for sale, or equipment you use.
Post your prices and rates.
Enable customers to order products, make reservations, sign up for a league, etc. on-line from their home!
If you sell a product that has numerous permutations of options, allow the customer to tailor a configuration and price it out before buying.

Sales and Promotions
Advertise price specials and promotions your business is putting on.
Run a monthly promotion that allows a customer to enter a contest and register for a free gift or service. Post the winners on your Web site each month.
Promote and sell products at a special rate for on-line shoppers.
Allow customers to browse through your inventory or search for a specific product.
Entice more business by offering an on-line coupon that customers can print.

Customer Interface
Publish helpful information related to your business (e.g. house buying tips, pet care tips, etc.).
Enable potential customers to send you inquiries and comments.
Allow customers to subscribe to your new on-line newsletter you will mail out monthly or quarterly.
Allow customers to request free estimates, or free consultations.
Announce upcoming activities, happenings, and charity events you are sponsoring.

Proper Web Site Design Practices

Place the navigation bar on every page for ease of going from one page to another.
Optimize photo and graphic file sizes for quicker downloads.
Create a clean, non-busy Web page layout.
Images should contain an alternate text attribute in the html code for browsers that do not download the image (and helps makes your Web pages accessible to the blind).
Browser compatibility is a must. Use commonly supported html tags and attributes (not browser specific).
Design your Web page layout to accommodate all the various computer screen resolutions.
Even for users with slow connections, text should be able to be completely rendered within 5 seconds max, photos and graphics should be completely rendered within 20 seconds max.
Use good descriptive phrases and keywords in the browser's Web page title bar. Many search engines literally use the text in your title bar to display your Web site in a search result listing.

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