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Development Process
The following steps provide the overview of Web Reflections' Web site development process:

  1. Define Goals
    The first step is hands-down the most important: defining the goals of your Web site! What do you wish to accomplish by having a Web site? If you desire to provide information or a service that can not be satisfactorily accomplished by traditional media (ads, phone, radio, etc.) or you wish to extend the reach of your marketing, then a Web site may be just what you need. Click here for tips on how to make your Web site great!

  2. Brainstorm Ideas to Achieve Goals
    Now that you have defined your goals, how do you want your Web site to achieve those goals. This step is one of many creativity steps that you will go through with us, and in order to maximize our creativity, we disregard technology. That is, we don't worry or even think about the technological limitations of the Internet. We simply keep asking "What if our Web site did this.....?".

  3. Preliminary Analysis
    Next, we determine what is the best way to implement your Web site so that it may achieve your goals in the most efficient manner possible (time, cost, fast download times) with no compromise in quality (appearance, clarity, ease of browsing, functionality, etc.).

  4. Design and Create Web Site
    We then begin design and creation of your Web site. At the same time we begin coordination of setting up your Web hosting. This involves picking the right Web hosting plan for you and applying for domain name registration (if needed). If you do not already have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to enable you to browse the Web and receive email, we can hook you up with one of those too.

  5. Test and Debug Web Site
    Your Web site is then tested and debugged. Testing not only involves exercising the functionality of your Web site, but evaluating it on various different computers with different operating systems (Windows, Mac, UNIX, etc..) and with different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.), because you never know what your target audience is viewing your site with. You must insure it looks good for everyone. Note that during the entire creation and testing phases, you are constantly urged to evaluate the work-to-date to insure what we are creating is in tune with your expectations (and even exceeding them!).

  6. Advertise Web Site
    When the Web site is satisfactory, it goes on-line! We then submit your new Web site to various Internet search engines. However, just because you build a Web site doesn't mean "they will come". Search engines are good but they're not good enough. You will need to aggressively advertise your Web site through traditional media (ads, business cards, in-store displays, etc.) before it can provide its own momentum of constant visitors. Web Reflections will consult you on the best ways to get your Web site in the spot light.

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