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In 1984.....
Since its publication, the book "1984" has been challenged, and subsequently banned, in select states and countries due to its revolutionary, communist, socialist, and/or sexually explicit content.

Did you graduate with the Spruce Creek Class of '84? We need to hear from you! Please tell us about yourself by filling out the Reunion Questionnaire!

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Spruce Creek 1984 - 30 Year Reunion

Hello Spruce Creek Class of 1984!
It's been 30 years and it's time to get together again. But first we need to catch up. Please tell us about yourself by filling in as many questions below as possible (only the first question is absolutely required to submit).

Please note: all questions you answer will be viewable by others on this Web site except for your street and zip code (however you may also choose to not display your city/state, phone, and email). Your responses to the questionnaire will not be viewable immediately upon submission. To view other classmate's answers, go to Then & Now.

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1. What is your name and where do you live? (full address)
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Maiden Name: (if applicable)

Street and Zip code will NOT be displayed for others to view,
however your City/State will be displayed only if desired.
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2. What is your email address and/or phone Number?
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3. Tell us about your plans for the reunion:
Are you planning to attend the 30 year reunion in summer 2014? Yes No Maybe

4. What are you doing now? (work, home-maker, taking it easy for a while...)

5. Are you single, committed or married?
Single Committed Married

6. If you have children, how many and what are their ages?

7. What kind of car did you drive in 1984?

8. Do you still own anything you bought in the 80's? What?

9. Do you consider yourself a product of the 80's? Why?

10. If you were to do High School all over again, what would you do differently?

11. Highlight the last 30 years of your life in less than 500 characters.

12. Comments, Opinions, or Questions you may have?

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